Striker Complete 5-Day Survival Backpack (120 Pieces)

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Are you stocked up for your next adventure? We have everything you need in this complete 5-Day Survival Backpack!

This Survival Kit includes:

-1 Back pack

-5 Water Pouches,

-42 Piece Bandage Kit,

-1 Squeeze Flashlight,

-5-in-1 Survival Whistle

-Water Proof Matches

-Mylar Blanket

-Emergency Poncho

-Playing Cards

-N95 Dust Mask

-Portable Stove

-Stainless Steel Cup,

-Pocket Tissues

-Wet Naps,

-Waste Bag

-32 Servings of Wise Food-Southwest Beans and Rice (4 Serve)

-Creamy Pasta and Vege Rotini (4 Serve)

-Brown Sugar Multi Grain (4 Serve)

-Apple Cinnamon Cereal (4 Serve)

-Hearty Tortilla (4 Serve)

-Whey Milk (12 Serve)