Slim Wrap Concealment Holster

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Ok, so you won't actually get skinnier by wearing the Slim Wrap belly band concealed carry holster, (unless you choose to wear it while you're on the treadmill at the gym), but it will sure make you look skinnier when it's snugly wrapped around your midsection firmly holding EVERYTHING in place (including your compact to full size firearm & 2 magazines)! 

Bottom line... if you're looking for most comfortable, completely concealable, and versatile holster on the market, then you have found your holster!

COMFORT: The 6" stretchable Slim Wrap holster can be worn in multiple positions, over or under the clothing, and allows for your firearm to be carried strong side, weak side, cross draw hip left side, cross draw hip right side, cross draw chest left or right side, center chest carry or center back carry. Name another holster that comes close to this kind of versatility! You can't because there's not one!

CONCEAL-ABILITY: The perfect solution for 100% concealed carry. When worn underneath your shirt, the 6" belt width and contoured fit of the band makes your firearm virtually disappear with no noticeable 'printing'. 

STABLE AND SECURE: The 6" wide elastic band, the 6" Velcro, and heavy threaded construction make the Slim Wrap an extremely stable and secure platform for carrying the weight of a loaded firearm, and 2 magazines with complete confidence. 

2 SIZES: With an extra wide Velcro attachment section and 'stretch-ability' the Slim Wrap holster can be adjusted to fit around any portion of your mid section from your upper chest to lower abdominal area, and can be tightened or loosened to fit most people. Choose Regular 30-38" Waist or Large 39-48" Waist. 

AMBIDEXTROUS - Position the Velcro attachment in the front for standard left hand draw or in the rear for standard right hand draw. Dual mag pouch located on the opposite side. 

Ahh, the wonders of elastic! This Slim Wrap belly band holster rocks, holding in your tummy as it holds your heater and 2 mags. Yes, it serves as a holster and dual Mag Pouch carrier, providing the comfort and concealment you've been looking for. 

  • The waist is adjustable with the wide Velcro attachment 
  • Fits most pistols from compact to full size
  • Holds 2 mags plus 1 pistol 
  • Durable Elastic construction with secure Velcro closure