MultiWallet Brass American Highlander Edition. Kydex EDC Wallet With MultiTool

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Multi Wallet Kydex (Kryptek Highlander) American Brass Edition.

Multi tool included.

This new premium multiwallet model has a real copper steampunk style front plate that also works as an additional RFID blocking shield. The copper plate is not coated and will develop a beautiful patina over time.

Proudly hand made in Canada.

This wallet has a special compartment with a stainless steel multi tool that is extremely handy in daily life. The multi tool is securely held in place by the money clip spring and is very easy to slide in and out.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Utilizing the flexibility of the material itself, this innovative wallet does not require rubber bands to hold it together. We tested our wallet for extended period of time in real life conditions and now we are ready to make it available to everyone.

Recommended to be used with up to 5 cards but potentially can hold more. Made entirely from precision cut carbon fiber textured Holstex and assembled with stainless steel screws.