G6 Tactical Smartwatch Compatible with iOS & Android

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The G6 Tactical Smartwatch is designed by a team of ex-military engineers who love both tech and the outdoors. Fed up with forever spending money repairing their fragile smartwatches, they decided to design the perfect invincible smartwatch… and they nailed it!

  • The G6 Tactical Smartwatch is guaranteed to resist any situation, whether it is water or dust.
  • It is also extremely durable thanks to its 4th generation Gorilla Glass and carbon fiber construction.
  • It’s stylisheasy-to-use and most importantly super durable and tough! And if that’s not enough, it boasts one thing that no other smartwatch can offer – a up to 33-month battery lifetime.

Everything you need packed into one watch!


What Our Customers Have To Say
"This is easily the best value in the Tactical Smart Wear market."
- James Harper 
"This watch really does match the hype. Battery life easily kicks the other smart watches to the curb. I haven't had to charge it in months!"
- Shaun Alvarrez
"Amazing watch, has everything you need. Most of the features are multi-purpose which is awesome. Great purchase. I would definitely recommend it for an avid survivalist, like myself."
- Bruce Robinson