Three Reasons Why Socialism Will Not Work in America

Three Reasons Why Socialism Will Not Work in America

Whether you like it or not, socialism is the latest buzzword that every American is hearing about on a daily basis in the realm of politics. The principles of Socialism are becoming more mainstream and prevalent in politics than ever before.

The time has never been more crucial to truly know what it looks like in practice. The true question is, can it work it America? Will the principles of Socialism crumble the foundation that America is built on, or will it enrich our country?

Here are three things to think about when considering Socialism in the context of our country. 

1. Lack of Innovation 

Is there any innovation without reward? What if you had to give away half of your profit from your next million-dollar idea? High taxes and socialism go hand in hand.

These high taxes could indirectly squelch creatives from working on their projects. The world would not be what it is today without innovative ideas; entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, musicians may not want to put their work into the world if they knew they wouldn't get any money in return.

What would our world be without art, music, entertainment, or technological advancement?  Would Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos have been able to create such innovation if they were living in a socialist America?

2. Highly Regulated 

Socialism will bring more regulations. We've all faced the hassle of the Obamacare "marketplace." Love it or hate it, you had to do it (until recently!) Where is the freedom of choice if we are forced to go with the government approved channels, and are not allowed to branch out and be independent?

When we are forced to go certain routes our freedom is being infringed upon. How can America be the land of the free if we don't have choices? Whether or not Obamacare benefited people is beside the point.

We're talking about our freedom, our most basic and natural right. High regulation comes at a steep price. 

3. Socialism = Bigger Government

Bigger government and more interference are natural consequences of Socialism. Once you begin to give up certain rights for the sake of convenience, it becomes a slippery slope.

In the same way that we have forfeited our privacy for the sake of convenience with technology, it is a realistic potential that we will begin to slowly lose our freedom of choice when we are told what we can and can't do.

A big and powerful government may come at the cost of our own agency, autonomy and freedom. In an individualistic society such as America, this is a big problem. 


Thank you for reading my blog. It's always healthy to listen to the opinion of others regarding political topics.

After all, in America, we welcome diverse opinions. We have the freedom to speak our minds. Socialism is an important topic. Though we all may have unique opinions, we can all bring something to the table.

America is a huge country, so it may not be feasible for it to be a Socialist economy in the same way as Denmark or Sweden. A 50% tax may not work out as well here.

Again, thank you for reading about my perspective on the topic. God Bless! 

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