Three Absolute Essentials You Must Have (in Increasingly Uncertain Times)

Three Absolute Essentials You Must Have (in Increasingly Uncertain Times)

We are in a time in our country where some of our most basic defining characteristics, as Americans, are under threat.

Our second amendment rights are under fire, freedom of speech is increasingly being silenced in favor of ‘safe spaces’, and privacy is becoming a thing of the past.

In short: our constitutional rights that America’s forefathers so proudly upheld, the ideals that truly have made America so great, are under attack.

In these increasingly unpredictable times for America - there is no greater, or more urgent time to be patriotic, and to stand our ground against the mounting threat to our countries core values and foundation.

Here are three essential items you must have in order to be well prepared, for any situation we may come to face in these increasingly uncertain times for America.

3. Sufficient Food & Water

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This is the most obvious, and most crucial cornerstone to being well prepared for any situation. The most essential aspects of food and water storage are: storage methods and quantity.

While there are plenty of DIY methods of canning your own food, canned foods are inexpensively bought and save the hassle and time consuming process of doing it yourself.

Stock up a variety of goods, and be tactical in your choices. Make sure to hit all the food groups.

Make sure you are at least stocked enough for two solid weeks for yourself and your family, and preferably go beyond that timeframe, as expenses permit.

2. A Medical Kit

Try and customize this kit, based on your own needs and experience. It is best to be prepared for dire emergencies, as well as the most basic, run of the mill incidents.

In the same way that you should always keep a First Aid kit in your car, be sure to have an even larger stockpile and supplies at home.

Educate yourself – and if possible, print out any sort of step-by-step procedures you may need. Brush up on your first-aid skills. Get fluent with knowing what you have and what you will need.

1. A Fully equipped ‘Bug Out Bag’


 A ‘Bug Out’ bag is a fully equipped backpack to keep with you, containing essentials that will sustain you for 72 hours (or more, based on your preference) - in case of having to evacuate a certain area or situation.

Think: camping.

You are going to want to be truly space conscious here, because there is a lot to consider: navigation tools, sleeping bags, an air filtration mask, a flashlight, a Swiss army knife, food and water, and more.

Find or make a comprehensive checklist – and most importantly: follow through and make the bag!

There is no convenient time, but put in the effort and have it prepared, so that you aren’t scrambling in dire times.


When considering what you need to be well prepared and self-sufficient, consider your own situation.

Customize the ‘Bug Out Bag’ based on your own needs, and where you live. A bag in Texas, and in Montana may look totally different, but always consider the essentials.

Ideally, have any of these stockpiles, of food, water and first-aid tools – to include your family and loved ones. Also – don’t forget your pets in this process.

Try and illustrate the need to be self-reliant and independent, and help others to understand the importance of also considering what they might need in an increasingly uncertain future for our country.

Stay safe and stay smart.

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