The Top 5 War Movies of All Time

The Top 5 War Movies of All Time

We all have our fair share of favorite war movies, but which ones really stand the test of time?

We had a group vote of everyone here at Official Tactical Store and came to an agreement of the top 5 war movies of all time.

Check out what we came up with below.

5. American Sniper




This chronicle of war hero & unparalleled sniper Chris Kyle is amazingly deep, accurate, and moving.

The movie follows Chris as he meets the love of his life all the way to his terribly & untimely death at the hands of a coward.

What's so gripping about this film is the heart-wrenching portrayal of some of the hard & tactical decisions that he had to make as an American Sniper, as well as the consequences of those decisions.

4. Fury




This recent yet timeless film portrays US tank crews in Nazi Germany during the end of WWII. 

It captures the extremely tough decisions and calls that had to be made serving in such a high-casualty unit, and the mental scars those decisions leave.

This film is a true testament to the strength of American tank ingenuity as well as the armed forces of America representing a massive tank itself, with the end shot showing hundreds of dead SS soldiers lying around a small unit of American soldiers and the tank they used to win the battle.

3. Saving Private Ryan




Right from the opening scene, this movie grabbed the audience by the nuts and didn't let go.

The extremely detailed and grisly depiction of the storming of Normandy Beach has been hailed by veterans and historians alike as one of the most realistic representations of war on screen.

This movie also digs deep into our emotional side, making us think if sacrificing all of those men was worth the one life it saved.

2. Platoon




Platoon is unique in the sense that it digs past the war waging between different countries and at some points turns its focus onto the war waging inside the American forces themselves.

The unforgettable scene of Willem Dafoe on his knees, arms extended after being left for dead leaves viewers with an uneasy feeling about the terrors and mysteries of war back when cameras and cell phones weren't a thing.

What else did evil men get away with during these chaotic and lawless times? Were these men evil to begin with, or did war warp their minds into something unrecognizable that would make them turn on their comrades?

These and many more questions arise after watching this truly awesome war classic.

1. Full Metal Jacket




This is my personal favorite war film of all time. It really follows the journey of an average Joe being thrown into the Marine Corps, the ones who couldn't make the cut, and the growth of Joker as a man and Marine.

Of course, the most memorable part of the entire film was the first 20 minutes with Gunnery Sargent Hartman spewing hilarious one-liners to the helpless trainees, but then easily seeing how pushing a weak mind too far can have disastrous consequences.

Past the training sequence, this film dives deep into the different psyches and characters throughout the war. The uncertain leader, the over-compensating cold-blooded killer, the people just there to film, and everyone in between really gives the viewer a solid representation of what the Vietnam War was like.


No matter how great these films were and are, there is noting that can truly grasp experiencing war in real time.

This is why we thanks our veterans and service men and women who protect our freedom every day.

God Bless You All, and God Bless America

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