Texas Homeowner Successfully Shoots & Kills Home Invaders, Navy Sends Another Message to Moscow, and more

Texas Homeowner Successfully Shoots & Kills Home Invaders, Navy Sends Another Message to Moscow, and more

Welcome back to Official Tactical Store News, where we bring your "No BS No Fake News" that you actually care about.

Today, we report on a godd#mn American hero from Texas (of course) who shoots and kills home invaders, the Supreme Court hears a critical 2A case, and more.

Check out all of this week's most important stories below.

Gen. Robert B. Neller Executes Final Annual Message to the Marine Corps


He had a great run, but alas everything good must come to an end.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps AKA "Top Marine" delivered his final annual speech as Top Marine this past week.

In it, General Neller called for Marines to "continue the attack" on the path they are set on to modernize the Corps to make them more intelligent, lethal, and dangerous.

He also called upon Marines to take their drinking behaviors more seriously and understand that there is a direct link with alcohol and destructive behaviors. 

(Hey Marines, these are his words, not mine!)


Moscow Receives Second Message from the United States Navy this Month


Although there is growing tensions between the United States and Moscow, the Navy's guided missile destroyer entered the Black Sea this past week. 

This is the second United States warship to enter the Black Sea this month alone.

As per a prepared statement from the Navy, the warship known as the Donald Cook was on a mission to “strengthen interoperability with NATO allies and partners and demonstrate the collective resolve to Black Sea security under Operation Atlantic Resolve."

Supreme Court Decides to Hear NY State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. New York City


This is a big deal for New Yorkers.

This hearing will determine whether or not a NYC law that limits residents' ability to transport their guns outside of their homes is constitutional.

At the present moment, NYC residents can carry a licensed, locked, and unloaded handgun to certain shooting ranges within city limits, but that is it.

Seems very unconstitutional to me. Let us play with our damn guns!


Texas Homeowner's Home Invaded by Scum, So Homeowner Kills 3 and Injures 2, Walks Away



If this isn't the most Texas thing I've heard all week...

A group of 5 men attempted to break into a Texan's home with his family inside. These guys should have just thrown a rock at a grizzly bear with her cub.

There was a shootout, and after the dust settled, 1 suspect was shot dead in front of his car, the second was found dead in his truck after crashing it into a nearby pole, the third fled on foot and just collapsed and died in the middle of the road, and the fourth and fifth suspects were injured but unfortunately survived and are now in the hospital.



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  • Don

    I love the news in short, concise stories that you post.

  • Don

    I love the news in short, concise stories that you post.

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