Sen. Warren Demands to Know is US Weapons Used by Al-Qaeda & Iran

Sen. Warren Demands to Know is US Weapons Used by Al-Qaeda & Iran


This past Friday, Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a scathing letter to Patrick Shanahan (Acting Defense Secretary) and Mike Pompeo (Secretary of State) demanding information on the allegation of American weapons being transferred to al-Qaida & Iran-backed fighters.

This prompted CNN to initiate an investigation, with them coming to a conclusion that United States tactical equipment has fallen into the hands of Iranian-backed rebels fighting in Yemen.

As a result, America's sensitive military technology has been exposed to Tehran, which could endanger the lives of U.S. troops in certain conflict zones.

It is prohibited for foreign governments to receive weapons and other defense gear without authorization. If any nation were to break this, the government in question would have to re-transfer said weapons.

Some of the foreign equipment found included MRAP & ATV's that were manufactured to withstand ballistic and IEDs. CNN reported that these and American-made anti-tank missiles have been reportedly sighted to be air-dropped on the frontline where al-Qaeda is known to be based.


What do you think? Should we get to the bottom of this straight away?

Let me know in the comments section!

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  • Dave Alvarez

    Elizabeth Warren is an socialist idiot !
    And if any weapons got into Iranian hands it would have to be because or Brock Obama He gave weapons to the drug cartels gave their radiance a ton of money I’m sure he gave them weapons to hes a traitor like all socialists are to America… I’m kind of surprised you’re even asking this question the liberals have lost their marbles and are a few fries short of a happy meal and they’re nuts..if they care about American they try to be helping make America great again , So with that said screw them and who cares what Pocahontas thinks or says.

  • Jim

    We need to get to the bottom of this traitorous action. Ignorance is not acceptable. Accountability is required. This cannot be swept under the rug.

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