Marines Testing Tactics for Fight Against China, Seize Airfield and Small Island

Marines Testing Tactics for Fight Against China, Seize Airfield and Small Island

The United States Marines Corps have been testing what they call their future fighting concept.

This past week, Marines with the 31st MEU seized an airfield and a small island as part of testing this concept.

This fighting concept is known as EABO (Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations), with its purpose being the help Marines stay alive if we were ever to be involved with a high-end fight with China. This involves spreading Marines sparsely across the Pacific Ocean.
It is still in its early stages, seeing as it still awaits the signature of Chief of Naval Operations.




The exercise began with Marines free-falling onto Ie Jima Island. Grunts with the 1st Battalion, 4th Marines then executed a long-range raid to seize the island's airfield.

After the airfield was dominated, Marines of the 353rd Spec-Ops Group air dropped necessary supplies to establish a refueling and arming point, and also insterted the HIMARS rocket artillery system to beef up island security with long-range precision protection.

The Indo-Pacific Region is very dynamic, and the United States military believes that the armed forces should always be prepared and train for any real world threat that may arise.


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