Live Projectile Brought to Maine Wharf, Missile Defense Agency Shoots Down Missile in Space, & More

Live Projectile Brought to Maine Wharf, Missile Defense Agency Shoots Down Missile in Space, & More

Let's cut the s#!t about Kardashians, Canada, and other pointless garbage and jump to news that you actually care about.


Live Projectile brought to Maine wharf

A live military projectile was found off the coast of Maine at a lobster wharf.

The described "military ballistic projectile" was detonated by police at a sand pit on a local island. That must have been a blast.

Pilot from WWII who crashed in Himalayas accounted for



U.S. Army Forces pilot from Boston has been identified after his remains were found and identified through DNA analysis.

His plane crashed in a remote area, and all searches were called off after extensive searching.

1st Lt. Allen R. Turner was only 25 years old.


Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile in Space Shot Down by US Navy, Missile Defense Agency

Although it was just a test, it was the second consecutive successful intercept.

This is a huge milestone for defense, especially with President Trump pushing Space Force so intensely.


Trump States Troops Could Help Finish Building The Wall

President Trump recently tweeted, “If the Democrats do not give us the votes to secure our Country, the Military will build the remaining sections of the Wall,” Trump wrote in an early morning series of tweets expressing frustration over the budget fight. “They know how important it is!”


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  • Les Williams

    Regarding the military/civilian issue at DOD. I am aware of the numbers there and there are plenty of civilians who work there that contribute to the National Security. The idea that civilian numbers must increase makes me curious. The entire idea smacks of increasing an already bloated bureaucracy. I think we all know that DOD is also part of the “swamp” as Washington is now known. I ask, do we need more swamp dwellers to resist and delay or do we need to make serious decisions about how to ramp up the Space Command and other current needs that are serious security issues? Those of you who have worked or been in the Pentagon know this bureaucracy takes your breath away from the moment you park in the north parking lot and walk in the doors. We need to care about the nations security needs not increasing civilian jobs that simply defy ones imagination of what they will be doing or who put them there?

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