Legendary A-10 Compared to 'Chewbacca with Chainsaw Arms'

Legendary A-10 Compared to 'Chewbacca with Chainsaw Arms'

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Assad States He Will 'Liberate Every Inch of Syria' From Foreign Troops


In a recent televised speech, Syrian President Bashar Assad states that he will accomplish his mission of liberating Syria without any assistance from the US.

He also suggested that the USA was bought out by its Kurdish allies and he plans to return the Syrian army to the area after American Armed Forces leave.

Despite High Russian Tensions, US Destroyer Sails Into the Black Sea


Just yesterday, the United State's guided missile destroyer Donald Cook re-entered the Black Sea.

The purpose of this re-entry was to conduct training exercises with allies such as Ukraine.

Due to Ukraine;s preparation for a Russian invasion, the United States aiding Ukraine puts an even stronger tension between the two mega powers.

Legendary A-10 Compared to 'Chewbacca with Chainsaw Arms'


Capt James Rosenau, a former A-10 pilot, recently compared the F-35 to the legendary A-10.

He stated that flying the F-35 was more like "a precision tool", whereas flying the A-10 was "like flying a tank. Like Chewbacca with chainsaw arms."

I'd love to see that pop up in Episode 9.

Army Strykers Cyber Vulnerabilities Found, at Risk of Hacks


Although the Army has souped up the firepower of its Stryker fleet, its cyber strength was left behind.

After the annual report from the Director of Operational Test and Evaluation for the Defense Department, it was realized that there are two dozen issues & vulnerabilities that need to be addressed immediately.

Corps Requesting Land-Based Ship-Sinking Missiles




In preparation for future warfare, the Marine Corps has developed program NEMSIS; Navy-Marine Expeditionary Ship Interdiction System.

The goal of this program is to develop and implement ship-sinking missiles from ground-based vehicles.

General Robert Neller, commandant of the Corps, stated on Friday, “Marines’ traditional mission is the seizure and securing of advance naval bases for the prosecution of the naval campaign. But if the air space is more contested and you want to be able to keep ships away at some distance because they’ve got long-range strike, you’ve got to be able to strike them."


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