Lawmakers May Approve Biggest Military Pay Raise in a Decade, ISIS Struck by Iraqi Jets, & More

Lawmakers May Approve Biggest Military Pay Raise in a Decade, ISIS Struck by Iraqi Jets, & More

Happy New Year!

It's officially 2019, and it looks like the United States Military is off to a great start.

Let's check out some of this week's top Tactical & Military stories.

North Korea's Leader States He's Ready for More Talks with POTUS


This past Tuesday, Kim Jong Un stated that he intends to continue his high-stakes nuclear summit with President Trump into the new year, while simultaneously warning the United States to not test his country's patience with sanctions & pressure.

He said all of this during his annually televised New Year's speech, where he also stated that he will have no choice but to walk to his own beat if the United States "continues to break its promises and misjudges our patience by unilaterally demanding certain things and pushes ahead with sanctions and pressure."

Classic Rocket Man.

Assad Authorized Iraq to Target Militants at Will, Resulting in ISIS Taking a Hit


Just one day after Assad gave Iraq permission to "target militants at will", the Iraqi military sent fighter jets to strike an ISIS position inside of Syria.

The Iraqi's Joint Operations Command states that F-16s successfully took out a 2-story house on Monday that was confirmed to be in use as a meeting grounds for ISIS leaders.

It is thought that Assad is changing his policies with neighboring countries as a result of the United States preparing to draw it's forces. 

As a Result of Mad Dog's Resignation, the Delivery of the First KC-46 is Delayed


As a result of Jim Mattis unexpectedly resigning his position at the Pentagon, Boeing will not be able to deliver the first KC-46 as planned.

The Air Force was planning to accept this monster tanker before January 2019, but now sadly will not.

This is because the final delivery signature from Mattis was needed to finalize delivery plans, which can no longer happen. 

Even Larger Military Pay Raise Could Be In Sight


Due to the thriving economy and increase in civilian wages, it is expected that lawmakers will continue to follow their pattern of increasing pay in 2020.

Following the current formula, troops should expect to see a 3.1% pay raise in January of 2020.

This is larger than the 2018 pay raise by 0.5%.

New Top Marine to be Commandant in 2019



This is the fourth and final year for the current Marine Corps commandant Gen. Robert B. Neller.

His tenure saw progression such as providing grunts with new tech & weapons, the integration of women into combat jobs previously unavailable, and a task force to help reshape Corp culture.

We thank him for his excellent service and are excited for the new commandant and how he will also improve his Corps and country.


Thanks for tuning in to this week's Military News, it looks like 2019 is shaping up to be spec-feckin-tacular.

God Bless America,
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