ISIS Camp in Syria Seized by US-Backed Forces

ISIS Camp in Syria Seized by US-Backed Forces

Last Tuesday, US-backed Syrian forces seized control of an encampment held by ISIS in Eastern Syria.

This was after a few hundred militants surrendered overnight, knowing they stood no chance.

Among the cowards were a group of suspects involved in a January bombing that killed four Americans in northern Syria.

This is a massive signal that the group is seriously collapsing after years of intense resistance.



Although the capture of this camp is a great success, it is not the final defeat of this terrorist organization.
There is still a village held in Baghouz, as well as a tiny sliver of land trapped between the Euphrates River and the encampment, as well as other tiny regiments and sleeper cells, but US-backed fighters are still celebrating.

Their defeat is obvious and inevitable, even though they keep putting out propaganda videos claiming they are strong and large in numbers. (ha)

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  • Jody Hill

    Always good to hear what’s going on in the world I have a new marine that may be deployed.

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