Iraqi President Does Not See Any Opposition to US Troops in Iraq

Iraqi President Does Not See Any Opposition to US Troops in Iraq

American soldiers still assist Iraqi forces in the fight against ISIS.

The president of Iraq recently stated that he does not see any serious opposition to the presence of American forces in Iraq.

President Barham Salih was recently quoted as saying that the "general consensus" of Iraq is that the continued collaboration with the United States must go on as long as it is necessary, warning that the ISIS threat is far from over.




Currently, there are 5,200 troops stationed in Iraq as part of a security agreement with the Iraqi government to advise, assist, and support the country's troops in the fight against ISIS.

United States forces were invited to fight against ISIS forces in 2014 after leaving in 2011. Since then they have greatly assisted in defeating ISIS, which has been whittled down to nearly nothing in the last month.

What do you think? Should the US stay in Iraq or pull out?

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  • Felino Soriano

    American taxpayers should not pay the cost keeping US forces in Iraq

  • Les K Williams

    Sounds similar to what Muqtada al-Sadr said 13 years ago? Watch your battle buddies backs warriors!

  • Ron

    Pull them out. Let my son come home.

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