ICBM Taken Out by Homeland Missile Defense System

ICBM Taken Out by Homeland Missile Defense System

The first salvo test of the Missile Defense Agency missile defense system against intercontinental ballistic missile threats was deemed a success this past Monday.

The Ground-Based Midcourse Defense System (GMD) tested two Ground-Based Interceptors (GBI) against an ICBM target.

This was done because in theory, firing off two GBIs against one target is more operationally realistic to proving the efficiency of the overall system.




In the Monday test, the theory was proved correct as the lead GBI destroyed the ICBM's reentry vehicle.

After the main target was terminated, the trailing GBI scanned and destroyed the next 'most lethal object' as a result of the debris from the initial target. Very efficient indeed.
“This was the first GBI salvo intercept of a complex, threat-representative ICBM target, and it was a critical milestone,” MDA Director Air Force Lt. Gen. Samuel Greaves said in the statement.
“The system worked exactly as it was designed to do, and the results of this test provide evidence of the practicable use of the salvo doctrine within missile defense,” he said. “The Ground-based Midcourse Defense system is vitally important to the defense of our homeland, and this test demonstrates that we have a capable, credible deterrent against a very real threat.”
We're getting pretty advanced in the grand ol' US of A.

What do you think, is this technology neccessary?

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