How to Stay Civically Engaged

How to Stay Civically Engaged

Staying civically engaged and politically informed is so important.

When you don’t vote, you’re turning your back on important causes that have nation-wide repercussions. Just because a certain cause doesn’t affect you personally, it could deeply impact your neighbor.

I hope you enjoy this blog and it serves as an inspiration to get out there and stand up for your beliefs.

4. Vote


It is your right to vote. In the past, women and Black Americans have had to fight for their right to vote.

Some people in the world do not have the privilege of voting. Seize the opportunity! Choose leaders and representatives that support causes that are important to you.

Your vote counts!

3. Go to a Protest or a March


Showing up to an event such as a march, protest, or rally can demonstrate your support for meaningful causes.

The people with you will realize that they are not alone in their beliefs and their desire to take action.

By protesting, you’re stimulating conversation and debate among political officials.

When you actively show your allegiance to a cause, you and your fellow supporters have a voice.

2. Stay Informed


Stay up to date on what’s happening in elections. There are sites where you can sign up to get a quick debrief.

When you have the time, sit down and do some serious research about candidates and their platform. Between elections, it is important to keep up with local and international news so you can spread the word and help out.

1. Write Letters



Writing letters to public officials can make a difference. Leaders want to know how their constituents feel about certain issues.

Don’t hold back; write a personal letter that offers wisdom and insight on important matters. Explain how these issues affect you or your group.

Inform officials about how you feel so there can be a potential for future change. Express your thoughts in a clear and well-organized letter and send it off!


Sometimes we forget or overlook civic engagement. Politics can bring up an array of emotions.

Some people like to avoid controversial conversation for fear of others having intolerant beliefs. In order to help the world become a better place, we need to show our support by voting, staying informed, writing letters, or attending rallies.

God Bless America,

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