Fate of Detained ISIS Fighters Uncertain, First Female Marine Graduates from Winter Mountain Leaders Course

Fate of Detained ISIS Fighters Uncertain, First Female Marine Graduates from Winter Mountain Leaders Course

Welcome to another week of Tactical & Military News.

Let's ignore the obvious Trump wall mess and focus on other matters that you won't see on TV.

Department of Defense Submits Topline Budget Figure to Pentagon


CFO David Norquist has confirmed that he has received the DoD's topline budget figure for the fiscal year of 2020.

Although he has confirmed this, he can not confirm nor release the figure just yet.

Norquist also indicated that the budget rollout will happen come February.

As the United States Leaves Syria, the Fate of Detained ISIS Members Are Unclear


The US has captured hundreds of ISIS fighters over their tenure in Syria.

This has presented a growing problem for the Trump Administration after their announcement to pull out of the country.

One official states that releasing the fighters would be unacceptable, but bringing them onto American soil is also a poor option. 

What do you think the government should do? Let me know in the comments section.

Army to Push Recruiting Strategy to More Blue States


For the first time in a decade, the Army missed its recruiting goal.

They transferred their strategy from small towns to big cities with not much success, and now they are targeting more democratic states.

But this is just a coincidence; their new strategy is to target cities that have a larger population of 18-24 year olds, and these cities just so happen to be democratic.

First Female Marine Completes & Graduated from Winter Mountain Leaders Course



Sgt. Tara-Lyn Baker, a heavy equipment mechanic, graduated Tuesday from from the Corps' Mountain Warfare Training Center in CA.

The focus of this course is on cold weather survival, skiing, snow mobility, and mountain warfare.

Baker admitted to suffering from hypothermia and frostbite, but was strong enough to overcome and persevere.


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  • Col.Les K Williams USMC (ret)

    What to do with ISIS prisoners? Easy question, turn them over to the Kurd military with detailed reports of there atrocities against Kurdish troops and civilians during there rampage in the Kurdistan Region of Erbil, Kurkurk, etc. I am certain the Kurds would handle these prisoners with little fanfare.

  • Frank

    Put them in gitmo

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