Drunk Sailor Found Naked in Japanese Home, Military Specialists Destroy Live WW-II Mortar Shell, & More

Drunk Sailor Found Naked in Japanese Home, Military Specialists Destroy Live WW-II Mortar Shell, & More

Welcome back to our weekly edition of Tactical News! 

Let's get straight to this drunken sailor story, you're not gonna believe this... 

Gotta love the seamen...

Drunked Up Sailor Breaks Into Japanese Home & Showers, Couple Finds Him Naked


A severely intoxicated sailor stationed in Kanagawa got seriously turned around last week.

Apparently, a sleeping couple was woken up by a sailor taking a shower in their house at 5 am... yes I'm serious.

The male home owner managed to restrain the sailor until local police arrived.

There was no signs of forced entry or any violence, but I'm sure he got one hell of an ass whoopin' when he got back to base.

President Trump Reaffirms Leaving Syria, but States That He Wants Troops in Iraq to 'Watch Iran'


Although Trump is fulfilling his promise of pulling troops from Syria, he recently stated that they will just be shifted to Iraq.

One of the strategic standpoint of this maneuver is to be well-positioned to push back into Syria is ISIS regroups. 

He did not clarify if any US troops or gear has left Syria yet.

Vietnam Vet Receives Silver Star for Ordering Marines to Fix Bayonets


Retired Maj. Edward Wright, who proudly served with 3rd Battalion, Marine Regiment, was awarded the Silver Star for his leadership judgement call that saved many Marine & Army lives.

In 1967, his platoon was sent on a mission to save an Army convoy against North Vietnamese fighters. He led his platoon on an aggressive 2-mile combat march to the ambush site. 

Once close enough for hand-to-hand combat, this red-blooded American ordered his men to fix bayonets and continue with the aggressive assault.

The classic line from Jurassic Park comes to mind, I'm sure a few of his men said the same: "He did it... The crazy son of a bitch did it".

Although Interested in F-15X, Air Force Continues to Order F-35's


Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch from the Pentagon stated earlier this week that the F-15X is still a concept, but has no plans of moving away from the F-35's.

He also stated that the F-35 is critical for what's needed to execute missions for the National Defense Strategy.

However, once this fleet begins to decline, he was clear that the US would purchase F-15's to replace the dated aircraft, if it's within budget.

Live WW-II Mortar Shell Destroyed by Military Specialists


I can't make this up; an Alaskan museum had a live mortar round kicking around in a vault.

A staff member found the round while rummaging through old boxes, and he had the common sense to alert other staff members which subsequently shut down the museum.

Explosive specialists were brought in to safely extract and detonate the mortar round without incident.

Really makes you wonder what other massively lethal weapons are just kicking around old sheds and boxes...


Thanks for reading news that actually matters!

I really like giving you a break from the same old "Trump did this, Trump didn't do that" BS.

See ya next Wednesday!

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