Do Not Fire Your Shotgun Again Before Reading These 3 Common Mistakes

Do Not Fire Your Shotgun Again Before Reading These 3 Common Mistakes

Shooting a shotgun is probably the easiest firearm to use to hit a target. 

Just point the barrel in the general direction of your target, fire, and you'll more than likely get a few pellets in.

Even with the massive range a shotgun provides, some of us somehow manage to miss the target... completely.

Follow these 3 helpful tips next time you go duck hunting to better improve your chances of hitting your target.

3. Look at the Target Instead of the Barrel


You're not shooting the barrel, so why are you bringing your attention to it?

Focus on the target, and train your hands to follow your eyes. Determine what kind of animal you are trying to hit, and pay attention to its movement.

If you mount your gun properly and keep your eyes on the prize, you're golden.

2. Aim Ahead of the Target


There's nothing for you behind the target, ever.

This is also a technique to prepare and anticipate where the target will be within the milliseconds of the blast going off.

This is called creating a "cut-off" move, and its purpose is just as it sounds; the cut the target off.

1. Establish a Routine


Perfect practice makes perfect.

Going out for duck or rabbit hunting is always a different adventure, but if you establish pre-determined strategies for each situation, your chances of success will greatly increase.

Get creative with how you would approach different situations, then stick to the routines. Split test and go with the successful tactics.


As always, have trigger discipline when handling any firearm.

Any other tips? Let me know in the comments!

God Bless America,

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