Defending Your Fellow Americans: Concealed Carry Realities

Defending Your Fellow Americans: Concealed Carry Realities

America is called the Land of the Brave for a multitude of reasons. One of them being we are a heavily armed country that likes to shoot things.

This is especially true when a patriot sees another fellow American in a struggle - there has been plenty of instances when an armed hero swoops in and saves the day.

Unfortunately, there is a myriad of legal and moral issues that arise in these situations. Let's go over a few of these so you will be better prepared if you ever find yourself having to defend somebody with lethal force.

First Off, What is Really Going On?


A situation that you may think requires your intervention is dynamic, meaning it's always changing.

You could see a woman running down the street being chased by two men and think they're trying to rape her, but what if they're undercover cops making a huge arrest on a local heroin dealer?

You may come across a bunch of guys beating down one skinny male and think it's gang violence, but what if it's  bunch of other good Samaritans making a citizen's arrest?

The point is this; it's always dangerous for you to come across any of these situations with a weapon in your hand. Unless you've seen the whole thing unfurl in front of your eyes, it is always a better idea to stick around, call the cops, and make a decision after taking in more information.

Unless of course it's an obvious active shooter or robbery. Then the decision is yours.

Thinking Critically




Beyond this, presenting a firearm into any situation immediately escalates it.

Let's say you can confirm that it's two men trying to rape an innocent woman. You draw a gun, and this scares them. They then use the woman as a body shield and hold a knife to her throat.

Now you're in it deep.

Also, shooting at someone doesn't necessarily mean you will hit them. What if the assailant moves and you hit an innocent bystander, or police officer?


The bottom line is this; if you're going to carry, train yourself in these situations. Regularly go to the range to improve your shot. And always, take a deep breath and don't just start shooting people out of suspicion.

Have a great day, and God Bless America

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