Connecting the Military-Civilian Gap

Connecting the Military-Civilian Gap

This is the year that the DoD has promised to put concentrated efforts and resources into bridging the gap between U.S. civilians and the armed forces, with recent statistics showing a dwindling number of personal connections between them.

The This is Your Military program was initiated by the DoD to get more in touch with the civilian side of things more so than the national security.


This program is an attempt to break through that layer of national security and inform people who may be misinformed about the military or are simply not interested in any of it.

One of the main purposes is to introduce civilians to service men and women to clear up common misconceptions that the every day person may have about military personnel. 

Another purpose of this is to increase the amount of people volunteering for the military, seeing as a public misconception of mental well-being post service is negative, which has been leading to less people volunteering in recent years.



The DoD understands that its primary audience is the military, so another initiative of this program is to educate them about how to talk to civilians about the program, and also have them educate civilians about the truths of serving.

The use of documentaries, opinion articles, and high-quality graphics will also be implemented.


What are your thoughts on the program? 

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  • Frederick Preston

    Civilians are civilians for a reason, they expect things to be done by those who can, and they only fantasize about doing it themselves. Therefore, they are very awed but scared of the people they depend on to do what they cannot.
    This is the disconnect between those that do, and those that dream of doing, but want to be close to the service.
    Just go to work, take care of you families, and let us be the protector. We are comfortable with our brothers, and protecting each other. That is our calling. I appreciate being thanked for service, but its very uncomfortable. I do it ultimately, for my men to the right and left.

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