Closing Assault Against ISIS Camp Still Going Since Friday Night

Closing Assault Against ISIS Camp Still Going Since Friday Night

This Friday evening, U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces launched its final attack against ISIS' last camp.

The attack was launched after evacuating civilians as well as their own forces being held hostage.

As of Sunday, ISIS has been using human shields. As a result, the assault has slowed.

Although the cowards are resorting to using civilians as shields, the battle does have an end in sight.

The last Islamic State hideout has certainly been putting up a fight - from using heavy weapons, small firearms, mortars, and vehicle-born IED's, they are throwing everything they have to hold onto this last bit of land.

U.S.-backed forces on the ground have been backed up by air support & advisers throughout the assault.

The site has been a complete war zone, with multiple cars and ammunition stocks catching fire and exploding throughout the weekend.

There have been 164 ISIS fighters that have been killed compared and roughly 150 that have surrendered.

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