Army's Latest Budget Update, Airdrops Increase 20-Fold, and More

Army's Latest Budget Update, Airdrops Increase 20-Fold, and More

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Air Force's Spying & Bombing Abilities Tested by Tunnel Warfare


It is no surprise that new and old terrorist groups are and have been using tunnels as a tactical advantage.

We have been tending to deal with this with weapons such as the MOAB, but with latest developments, these tunnels are now pouring out into cities infested with innocent civilians.

As a result, the Air Force is now being forced to reconsider their tactics to be more efficient and precise.

 Taliban Threatens Afghan Roadways & Capitals; Airdrops Increase 20 Fold


Although many Taliban attacks have been thwarted throughout Afghanistan, there are still threats and unfortunate attacks that happen regularly.

As a result, U.S. supplies being dropped into Afghanistan have drastically increased by 20-fold.

The dramatic increase in assistance represents a successful joint effort.

Distinguished Flying Cross Awarded to 5 Soldiers


5 brave & courageous members from the 101st Airborne Division were awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for rescuing a wounded soldier from a battlefield in Afghanistan and returning to save another even after their aircraft had been damaged.

Capt. Benjamin Krzeczowski, Chief Warrant Officer 2 Jonathan Cole, Sgt. 1st Class Andrew Six, Sgt. Armando Yanez and Cpl. Emmanuel Bynum were presented the award at a ceremony in early January.

No Military Threat on Southern Border According to US Northern Command Leader


Air Force General Terrence O'Shaughnessy was under questioning regarding security from senators earlier this week.

He stated that although he sees no significant military threat coming from the southern border with Mexico, he does for see a serious threat from China and Russia.

He also expressed concern for diverting attention, resources, and troops from other serious military operations to the "fake emergency" declared at the Mexico border.

A Few Positive Things Coming From the Army's Latest Budget




Here are a few major points coming from the March 12th:

- $30 billion in cuts, reductions, and cost avoidance; $8 billion in cost avoidance and $22 billion in cuts or terminations.

- Soldier gear and new ground combat vehicles

- Relocating more money into home-station and combat training centers.

- Lowering the Army Marketing & Research Group's Budget

- + more to be released on March 12th


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