6 Confidence Boosting Safety Tips

6 Confidence Boosting Safety Tips

It's important to assume responsibility for your own safety. You never know when a predator is going to attack, so it's vital to know how to protect yourself.

Remember, an attack can come when you least expect it! Being prepared will only help you. In today's blog post, I will be covering a few self-defense tips that will leave you feeling more confident. 

Your mind is just as powerful of a tool as your body. Whether you feel as if your life is threatened or if you feel completely safe, is beside the point because the reality is that you just don't know for sure.

Let's talk about ways to stay safe in today's unpredictable world! 

1. Take Responsibility 

No one is responsible for your safety except you. Is it your fault if you get attacked? Of course not! You can't control the unfortunate situations that occur, but you are in control of how you respond to them. Do you want to be a victim? No!

It's time to learn how to be safe- learn how to avoid conflict and fight back. If you get attacked, there might not be anybody else around. It's all up to you- protect yourself!

2. Avoid Conflict

Avoiding dangerous situations is your best line of defense. Being confrontational can invite a whole host of issues- legal problems, injuries, and emotional distress.

You're not being cowardly by walking in the other direction. Remember, getting hurt affects your loved ones. In the same way that you would be heartbroken if your mother or wife was injured, they feel that same love toward you.

Have you ever heard the saying, "Pick your battles?" Don't strike some one for a trivial reason and don't place yourself in a dangerous situation because you're too proud. 

3. Do You Look Like an Easy Target? 

When you look like an easy target, you're unintentionally inviting issues. Hold your head high and walk with purpose.

I can understand wanting to keep your head down to avoid conflict, but when you look timid and vulnerable, a predator might view you as their next prey. If you don't believe like you're a strong, capable individual who can dominate any obstacle, you've got to pretend. Fake it till you make it, right?

The way you move around the world influences the way people perceive you. Don't let others perceive you as weak. Be aware of your surroundings and display confidence. 

4. Plan of Action

Having a plan will help you feel more confident and less confused if a physical altercation were to occur. If conflict arises you'll know what to do. 

Form a plan of action so you don't get caught up in the stress of the moment. If you pause to think for too long, your attacker could strike. Knowing what to do could save your life! Don't be a passive victim, take action to ensure your safety. 

Go to a martial arts center to learn self-defense techniques. When you notice your progression, you'll feel strong and confident. 

5. Shout!

If you see a dark shadow approaching you, try to run away. If there is no escape, shout at them! Seeing a potentially threatening figure approaching you warrants a shout. Maybe someone will hear you and call the police or step in to help.

Plus, showing that you're able to assert yourself could scare off your attacker. You could shout, "Help me!" Or you could scream, "Get away from me!"

Your instincts to scream and make noise will serve you well. Though, some people lose their voice due to fear. Try to overcome paralysis in order to save yourself. 

6. Hit Them Where it Hurts

Your attacker has made a move...Now it's time to strike. You're putting your Action Plan into place. You've tried shouting for help, but not it's time to get physical- hit them where it hurts!

Go for the eyes, nose, ears, neck, groin, and knees. Your self-defense and martial arts classes will come in handy at this point.

Remember, do not move closer to your attacker, as you're further putting yourself in harms way. Always step backward. In your previous classes, you should have learned how to escape a choke hold.

If the attacker is trying to choke you, don't reach for your neck, try to dismantle their thumbs. Once their grasp loosens, you can try to escape. Don't be afraid to hit this predator where it hurts!


Remember, you're a strong and capable person. It's important to believe that you're NOT a victim. Taking responsibility, avoiding conflict, displaying confidence, having a plan of action, and hitting them where it hurts will help you to escape a physical altercation.

When your life is at stake, it's important to utilize the strength of your body and the power of your mind to overtake anyone who threatens your safety. Learning self-defense techniques will boost your confidence. 

Protecting your life and ensuring safety are a number one priorities! Thanks for reading my blog post. Stay safe! 

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