5 Kick-Ass Female Veterans

5 Kick-Ass Female Veterans

To celebrate International Women's Day, I think it's very important to recognize some valuable female members of the military.

Time and time again women have proven to our great country that they are just as fit to serve as their male counterparts.

We salute you.

Private Cathay Williams, Post-Civil War


Cathay Williams was the first African-American woman to serve in the US Army.

She had to hide the fact that she was a woman, and served many years maintaining the secret.

She was able to keep it up until she contracted smallpox, and was in and out of hospitals. Once it was discovered that she was female, she was immediately discharged.


Private Opha May Johnson, WWI


Opha May Johnson was the first woman to enlist and serve in the USMC.

Her first duties was to be a clerk at MCHQ, where she managed the records of other female reservists.

After the end of the war, she was disenrolled, along with many other women. She then moved forward to become a clerk in the War Department.


Rear Admiral Grace Brewster Murray Hopper, WWII, Korean War, Vietnam


Hopper's influence and importance in U.S. naval history can not be overstated. 

She was the founder of the COBOL programming language, which has been a precursor to many software coding today.

She even coined the term, "bug in the computer" after finding a moth caught in a relay of a supercomputer of her time.


Col. Ruby Bradley WWII, Korean War


Being  survivor of two wars and a POW, she ranks high on this list.

Not only this, but she has a loaded military record of 34 medals and citations of bravery.

When she was captured, she was forced to work as a nurse on her captors as well as her brothers and sisters in arms for 37 months. She recalled how there were several deaths every day, and assisted in birthing 13 children.

She was the third woman in U.S. history to be promoted to colonel.


Sgt. Leigh Ann, Iraq War


Sgt. Leigh Ann was the first woman to receive the Silver Star since WWII for exceptional valor.

She was awarded after completely demolishing an ambush of Iraqi fighters, killing 27, wounding 6, and capturing one.

I'll tell ya what, those insurgents sure aren't the brightest.


Thank you to all of the servicewomen who have risked and gave their lives in the name of American freedom and liberty.

Today is for you.

God Bless America

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