5 Dangerous Animals to Watch For While Hunting or Hiking this Winter

5 Dangerous Animals to Watch For While Hunting or Hiking this Winter

As snow falls and winter slowly settles in, wildlife becomes more desperate for food, and more territorial.

This provides a completely different tactical dynamic for hunters, especially with some of these animals developing extremely effective camouflage.

To help you out this winter, here are 5 animals to keep an eye out for this winter hunting season.

5. Wolves


Wolves seldom attack humans, but when they do, it's almost a sure death sentence.

The lone wolf can be defeated with proper tactical training, but a pack of wolves is something else entirely. Imagine 40 hungry mouths snapping at you at the same time - you're not coming out alive.

Check with the local hunters & wildlife experts for wolf territory, and be sure to not enter it.

4. Mountain Lions


Just like wolves, mountain lion attacks are rare, but they are more frequent than wolf attacks.

Just like domestic house cats, mountain lions are quiet, cunning, and very fast, being able to run up to 50 mph.

They typically attack from the back and kill with a bite to the nape, so you most likely won't see them coming.

They typically don't attack humans, but if you do however manage to see a mountain lion, do not make eye contact, slowly back away, and get to safety as soon as possible.

3. Bears


Contrary to popular belief, bears are not true hibernators.

Although they do slow down drastically and sleep for long periods of time, a loud noise or disturbance will wake them up. True hibernators are nearly impossible to wake up.

You know what's a loud noise? You guessed it, gunshots. Waking up a mama bear with a lethal sound while she's hibernating with her cubs is  s#!t show you do not want to partake in.

So be weary and always have a fully loaded pistol, just in case.

2. American Bison


Believe it or not, more people are injured and killed by Bison more than bears.

Standing 6 ft tall and weighing up to 1.5 tons, it's no surprise that these animals can inflict serious damage.

Combine that with speeds of up to 40 mph, you have a pretty efficient human killing machine when provoked.

Although these animals are relatively docile, it is wise to keep your distance and to not disturb them.

1. Deer




Yep, you read that right - it is not uncommon for the hunter to become the hunted!

It is no secret that testosterone fueled bucks are dangerous, but it is important to remember this while hunting or hiking.

If you do manage to track and shoot a buck, be damn sure that its a kill shot, or he might come straight for you. I would not want an 8 point buck shoving his antlers into my chest, personally.


Bottom line is that nature is beautiful yet unforgiving.

It's important to know what you may be up against, and how to handle it.

This was just a short awareness blog post, if you want to learn how to properly defend yourself I would recommend doing more research.

God Bless America,

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