3 Reasons Why the Second Amendment Is Important

3 Reasons Why the Second Amendment Is Important

The Founding Fathers created the Second Amendment for numerous reasons.

The next time you get into a heated debate, you’ll have a bit more knowledge on your side!

If you need to defend your American right to bear arms to friends or relatives, talk about the history.

3. They Feared a Tyrannical Government

Our forefathers were threatened by the idea of a tyrannical government.

The Second Amendment ensures that citizens would be fully equipped to defend their freedom.

If the government collapsed into tyranny, the Second Amendment gave them the right to fight back.

2. Self Defense

Self-defense is incredibly important! In the 1850s, the value of individual self-defense became a noteworthy cause.

While containing a concealed weapon became illegal, the right to bear arms did not. People felt that restrictions should be put into place.

For example, a consensus emerged that felons and individuals with a mentally illness should not bear arms.

Many Americans feel more safe knowing that they have guns in their possession to protect themselves and their families against intruders.

1. No Standing Army

The Founding Fathers did not want there to be a standing military of professional soldiers.

They feared coups and organizations and resisted military establishment.

Instead, they wanted all men to own guns so they could put together a team to defend their country in the drop of a hat.

This way, they would look more threatening to their opponents. 


The Founding Fathers wanted Americans to have the right to own firearms in case they needed them for civic duties or if the government became a dictatorship.

They were patriotic men who stood for the protection of the United States of America. In order for many Americans to feel safe, they feel the need to own guns.

They value their right to use their legal firearms in self-defense.

God Bless America,

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